Children’s Vision

Vision development

Children’s vision is a vital part of their development, with up to 80% of their learning done with their eyes. Many everyday tasks for kids involve seeing quickly and using visual information. Good vision includes seeing well at a distance and at near, as well as good eye coordination and focussing. Kids may struggle with any of these aspects of vision.

What’s involved?

Kate and Ella love working with kids. They tailor parts of the eye test to make them fun and keep children engaged. We test their ability to see at distance and near, their glasses prescription, depth perception, colour vision, eye muscle coordination, focusing ability, as well as the health of their eyes. You’ll be surprised at the number of vision tests kids can do!

What if my child needs glasses?

Some children need glasses to help them see clearly and comfortably, or to help their vision develop normally. Depending on their level of vision and their glasses prescription, Kate and Ella may choose to monitor them more closely, especially if they need some form of myopia control.

Not all children with vision problems will need glasses. Sometimes we will use exercises to train eye muscles to improve some eye alignment and/or focusing problems.

Available funding:

If your family has a Community Services Card or your child has a High Health user card they will be eligible for some funding for glasses via Enable.

Children’s Frames

Judd Opticians prides themselves in quality, with children’s frames needing to be of a high quality durable material. We currently stock the Nano Vista range of frames for children.