Dispensing Services

Qualified Dispensing Opticians

Judd Opticians has two Qualified Dispensing Opticians Andrew Judd (RDONZ) and Melissa Byers (RDONZ).

Dispensing Opticians interpret written prescriptions from an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist to determine the specification of lenses. They recommend spectacle frames, lenses and lens coatings after considering the prescription and the client’s occupation, habits and facial features.

Dispensing Opticians measure the distance between the centres of the pupils and the distance between the ocular surface and the lens. They use specialised equipment to record spectacle measurements. After the spectacles are made, Dispensing Opticians verify that the lenses have been ground to specifications and then adjust the frame so that the spectacles fit the client properly and comfortably.

Judd Opticians has an Edging machine which allows us to cut and fit your new lenses to your existing frame while you wait. The benefit to you is that your glasses do not need to be sent away while you wait for your lenses to be made.

Judd Opticians prides themselves in providing the best quality lens design to suit your particular needs, whether that be single vision lenses, occupational lenses, anti-fatigue lenses, bifocal lenses, progressive lenses, safety glasses, prescription sunglasses and so forth.

  • Frame Style Consultations
  • Latest in Spectacle Lens Technology
  • Onsite lens fitting – reuse your current frame, conditions apply
  • Frame repairs and adjustments
  • Ministry of Social Development Preferred Partner Program
  • Insurance Quotations
  • Super Gold Card Discounts
  • Fonterra Safety Contract

Points to consider when selecting an optical frame:

  • Individual face shape (oval, round, heart shape, square, rectangular, inverted heart or variations of theses shapes)
  • Frame size and fit (width, depth, proportion)
  • Frame material (metal, plastic)
  • Appropriate for individual lifestyle (active, occasional, outdoor)
  • Works in conjunction with optical lens selection
  • Colours and tones

Points to consider when selecting optical lenses for spectacle use:

  • Lens material
  • Lens coatings
  • Lens design – single vision, occupational, bifocal, progressive
  • Clear, colour change, solid tint, polarised
  • Previous lens design and material