Dry Eye Clinic

Dry Eyes is a common, often frustrating condition

Dry eyes result from a reduction in tear volume or from a poor tear quality.

This can be caused by everyday environments such as computer screens, driving, artificial lights, air-conditioning or contact lens wear. Other risk factors may include age, hormonal changes, or certain medications.

Common complaints associated with dry eyes can include:

  • Dryness, grittiness, or scratchiness
  • Burning or watering
  • Soreness or irritation
  • Eye fatigue with fluctuating vision

We treat all forms of dry eye and provide you with treatment options to do at home, as well as therapies we apply during the consultation.

Home treatment options:

  • A wide range of lubricating eye drops, gels, and ointments.
  • Oral medications which support healthy oil production essential for tear quality.
  • Eye masks to heat and soften tear film oil to reduce tear evaporation.
  • Specially formulated foam or wipes to clean the eyelash and eyelid area.

Therapies performed by the optometrist:

  • BlephEx: a rotating micro-sponge removes stubborn debris and organisms on the eyelashes and eyelid margins.
  • Blephasteam goggles- heated goggles are worn to help soften oils blocked in the oil producing glands, the optometrist applies gentle pressure along the lids to help express the oily secretions into the tears.
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy: a series of intense flashes of light are applied to the skin around your eyelids to promote healthy gland function, reduce redness and soften and improve tear oils.
  • Punctal Plugs: a small medical device is inserted into the tear duct to help retain tears by preventing them draining from the eye.