AOSept Plus with Hydraglyde Optometry Pack


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AOSept Plus with Hydraglyde Optometry Pack.  Packaging: 2 x 360mL + 1 x 90mL + 3 x Lens Case.  Material: Hydrogen Peroxide


AOSept Plus with Hydraglyde Optometry Pack

Alcon is a front-running brand in the eye care space and a subsidiary of Novartis. Now, this industry leader brings to market its latest HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix technology. This is a wetting agent that has been especially developed to attract & retain moisture levels in soft contact lenses (particularly silicone hydrogel contact lenses).

The special technology helps in keeping the contact lenses wet and in turn improves wearer comfort. Most soft contact lens wearers have a common complaint of contact lens discomfort. Typically, this is caused by the mechanical friction that arises between the eye and lens, as well as excess tears evaporation that is a result of the contact lens interfering with the tear film.

As well as containing hydrogen peroxide which is automatically neutralised by a platinum coated disc attached to the inside of the contact lens case; it also contains HydraGlyde which together results in moisturised and clean contacts for all day comfort.

Packaging: 2 x 360mL + 1 x 90mL + 3 x Lens Case
Material: Hydrogen Peroxide